Inspiration for Every Day

Inspiration for Every Day

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lace Dutch Ponytail Wrap

Sometimes you just need to look great in five minutes. Maybe you have an interview. Or a chemistry test. Or a tennis match that would just be better with fun hair. And you're a little busy at the moment with a million and one things that exclude the possibility of a long blow dry and hot rollers.

Or maybe there is no occasion at all. I put my hair up in this wrap today while my toddler snoozed (briefly!) in his crib, and enjoyed getting a compliment at the children's library afterwards. Great hair is for anytime! And besides, do any of us really have time to waste?

1. Start by doing a Dutch braid from your forehead back across one side of your hair. (Earlier video tutorial here.) In this case, I did a lace Dutch. Though lace looks complicated, it's easier than a basic Dutch. Instead of adding hair from both sides as I braided, I just added it from below. Half the work for a great look! Braid up about 1/3 of your overall hair, and braid it all the way to the ends and put in a rubber band.
2. Take the rest of your hair and put it into a low ponytail slightly to the side.

3. Pull the braid up around your ponytail, tucking the ends under the braid on the left and then up under the ponytail and around as far as they go.

4. Be sure to pin the ends all the way under the wrapped braid. Secure the wrap with four or five pins. Go a basketball game? Make it ten! 

5. Enjoy the finished look!

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