Inspiration for Every Day

Inspiration for Every Day

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loosened Milkmaid Braids

If you can braid, you can pin your hair up like this in just a few minutes

1. Make a ponytail above and a bit behind each ear. 
2. Braid each ponytail and rubber band the bottom.
3. Pull out the the rubber bands holding the two ponytail braids in place at the scalp for a looser milkmaid look.
4. Loosen the two braids a bit by pulling out on each section until the braids look wider/larger.
5. Pin one braid over the top and into the base of the other.
6. Repeat. Pin the two braids together on top of your head in a couple of places for added security.

Browse for more style inspiration and follow along with the fun on my Pinterest board, The Daily Braid. 

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