Inspiration for Every Day

Inspiration for Every Day

Friday, March 7, 2014

Double Flip

I like a look that can be modified in many ways. This one, for example. You could make the final braid a rope, a herringbone, or maybe a braid and a rope, or two braids. Or whatever. Anything could be tucked up and pinned and you can bet no one else will have that hairstyle that day. The point is, you can make the look your own. Want to add an accent braid coming back from your forehead into the first flip through? Good idea! Want to stick a flower in the first flip through to cover the pins? I like it! 

1. Begin by gathering your top hair into a rubber band at the back of your head. Gently divide in two above the rubber band, making a little space. Tuck the small ponytail up into that space and flip it through and under. 

2. Gather the rest of your hair down below the first flip through. You should have all your hair in that ponytail now. Flip it through as well.

3. Braid that ponytail down. Rubber band it.

4. Tuck it up into the first flip through. Pin the ends under. Enjoy! 

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